Tinnitus Suppressor

The Only Affordable FDA-Cleared

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Background & History

Tinnitus Suppressor and its core sound technology, called “DTM”, were developed by Mike Petroff, a leading sound technology inventor who himself has suffered from severe bilateral tonal tinnitus. Mr. Petroff invented state-of-the-art sound technologies and products receiving top reviews by the Wall Street Journal, featured on the front cover of Popular Science Magazine, and used worldwide in car sound systems by major automobile manufacturers. When Mr. Petroff developed severe tinnitus, he decided to dedicate his abilities in sound technology to creating more effective tinnitus suppression solutions to helping others with tinnitus. Arising from that commitment Mr. Petroff invented “DTM” tinnitus sound therapy, and personally funded and obtained FDA-clearance on the medical therapy – a task rarely undertaken by a single individual. DTM tinnitus sound therapy is now marketed under the product name of Tinnitus Suppressor.

After receiving FDA-clearance, DTM tinnitus sound therapy was given the rare honor of being tested in a preliminary clinical study by the United States Veterans Administration. The study indicated that DTM sounds were literally twice as effective as any other tinnitus therapy sound tested in the study. The study was published in the peer reviewed Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.

Tinnitus Suppressor / DTM is also the only known tinnitus sound therapy having FDA authorization for Over-The-Counter (OTC) direct sales to the public (which includes sole authorization to market into the OTC drug store industry). DTM has received strong endorsements from the #1 ear surgeon in Canada, a pioneering neurologist, PhD audiologists, leading industry experts including Dr. Jack Vernon (considered the ‘father’ of the field of tinnitus masking using applied sound), as well as multiple severe tinnitus patients.

For several years following the FDA-Clearance and V.A clinical study, Mr. Petroff continued to dedicate himself to helping those with tinnitus by providing early versions of his DTM therapy to tinnitus sufferers worldwide at little or no cost. Mr. Petroff recently decided to expand marketing of DTM tinnitus sound therapy and formed Audio Bionics International (successor in interest to Petroff Audio Research, Inc.) for that purpose. DTM sounds were given the new marketing name of Tinnitus Suppressor, and an ultra-high accuracy speaker/player is now provided as a no cost bonus with each library of Tinnitus Suppressor sounds.

Tinnitus Suppressor – Unique Sound Technology

Tinnitus Suppressor / DTM (Dynamic Tinnitus Mitigation) sounds were shown in a preliminary clinical study by the United States Veterans Administration to be literally twice as effective at reducing tinnitus annoyance as any other sound tested in the study. Tinnitus Suppressor / DTM sounds consist of computer generated waveforms that emulate natural relaxing sounds, and yet they are very different than natural sounds in the high frequency regions that are critical to tinnitus suppression. These unique sounds are based on a broadband (meaning a wide frequency range) rather than narrow band (meaning a narrow frequency range) tinnitus sound therapy approach, and therefore do not need to be matched to the patient’s specific tinnitus frequency and are highly pleasant to listen to.

Home Use, Remarkable Results

When properly used Tinnitus Suppressor generally provides immediate and highly effective suppression of tinnitus while listening to the sounds, even for severe and otherwise difficult to mask tinnitus patients. It is commonly reported to us that, following several weeks or months of listening for about 15 to 30 minutes twice per day at home, patients were habitually (automatically) able to redirect their hearing attention away from tinnitus. Many people have reported that Tinnitus Suppressor / DTM is more effective at reducing tinnitus annoyance than other FDA-Cleared tinnitus sound therapies they have tried – even those that were 10+ times the cost. It is also commonly reported to us that Tinnitus Suppressor provides impressive overall results relative to any other FDA-Cleared tinnitus therapy irrespective of cost. Specifically, Tinnitus Suppressor is by far the most affordable FDA-cleared, clinically studied, scientifically developed and doctor supported tinnitus suppression sound therapy in the medical field. Additionally, Tinnitus Suppressor is uniquely authorized by the FDA for Over-The-Counter sales to, and direct home-use by, tinnitus patients.

Tinnitus Suppress consists of 12 user-selectable sounds that are relaxing to listen to. Each sound is based on unique FDA-Cleared DTM sound technology. Patients simply select, using the included instructions, one or more of the sounds that best suppress his or her tinnitus. The FDA-Clearance applies to the Tinnitus Suppressor sounds only, and not to the included no-cost bonus sound playback system (the FDA-Clearance allows the sounds to be reproduced by a commercially available player).

For further information please see CONTACT page, or call us at 626-773-2286. Thank you, Mike Petroff, President, Audio Bionics Intl.


Click here to view the clinical study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology