The Tinnitus Suppressor System

The Audio Bionics ‘Tinnitus Suppressor’ is a unique FDA-Cleared, United States Veterans Administration studied, and doctor endorsed home-use system for the treatment of mild to severe Tinnitus. The system has been many years in the making and is now being introduced worldwide.Tinnitus Suppressor produces proprietary sound waveforms* that are remarkably effective and yet comfortable to listen to. The Tinnitus Suppressor is in a class by itself because it is literally the only affordable FDA-Cleared and clinically studied Tinnitus treatment product. All other FDA-Cleared and clinically studied Tinnitus treatments we are aware of sell for 5 to 10 times as much as the Tinnitus Suppressor, require involved clinical testing and visits, and do not provide results for up to one year following the beginning of treatment. The Tinnitus Suppressor system completely changes that dynamic in the Tinnitus treatment field.

When Tinnitus Suppressor sounds (which are based on our “DTM” sound waveforms) were tested by the U.S. Veterans Administration, they were shown to be twice as effective as any other tinnitus therapy sound in the study. These impressive results were published in the prestigious Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. Further tests by many leading doctors have since then confirmed the exciting advantages of the Tinnitus Suppressor. (Please see doctor and patient testimonials letters and their videos in the Testimonial section of this website).

How to Use the Tinnitus Suppressor

The Tinnitus Suppressor is commonly used in two ways: First, people with tinnitus often listen to the systems’ sounds while falling asleep at night. The Tinnitus Suppressor speaker/sound generator is 8-inch tall by 2 ½-inch diameter, and can be placed almost anywhere including a night table or desk. While Tinnitus Suppressor sounds seem similar to gentle nature sounds, they are instead computer generated and much more advanced than any nature sound or ‘sound soother’ type of sound. Audio Bionics’ Proprietary patent pending and FDA-Cleared sound waveforms suppress unwanted Tinnitus sounds in a scientifically confirmed manner, while at the same time promote relaxation.

Second, each Tinnitus Suppressor system includes at no cost a 3-month habituation training program. Habituation training programs are simple and comforting to use, and over time train people to automatically distract attention away from an annoying condition including Tinnitus. Although Habituation training does not treat the Tinnitus from a medical standpoint (which is instead accomplished by the Tinnitus Suppressor sounds), habituation training nevertheless can be extremely helpful when addressing the stress of a Tinnitus condition. No other tinnitus sound therapy system selling for under $1,000 to $3,000 that we are aware of includes the powerful benefits of habituation training.

In terms of daily or weekly use of the Tinnitus Suppressor system, the first step is to listen to each of the 12 special sounds produced by the system to determine which of the sounds block your perception of Tinnitus. Once this is done, use the same sound or sounds for only about 15-minutes once or twice per day. Or alternatively, listen to the sounds for 1-hour while falling asleep at night. It is important to (a) pay attention to the instructions, (b) be consistent with the above regimen for at least 45 days, and then to use the system occasionally, again for only about 15-minutes per day, on an as-needed basis, and (c) avoid loud sounds at all cost (the system includes highly effective ear plugs for use in noisy environments).

History of the Tinnitus Suppressor

When Audio Bionics founder Mike Petroff developed severe Tinnitus, he decided to dedicate his abilities in sound technologies (recognized by the Wall Street Journal, on front cover of Popular Science Magazine, utilized in 6+ million car sound systems), to creating more effective tinnitus suppression solutions to help others suffering with tinnitus. Arising from that commitment, Petroff invented unique DTM tinnitus sound waveforms (now incorporated in the Tinnitus Suppressor), and personally funded and obtained FDA-clearance on the medical therapy – a task rarely undertaken by a single individual.

After receiving FDA-clearance, DTM tinnitus sound therapy was given the honor of being tested in a preliminary clinical study by the U.S. Veterans Administration. The study indicated that DTM sounds were literally twice as effective as any other tinnitus therapy sound tested. The study and its results were published in the peer reviewed Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.

The Tinnitus Suppressor has received powerful endorsements from the ‘father’ of the field of Tinnitus treatment using applied sound, Dr. Jack Vernon; the #1 ENT and ear surgeon in Canada, Dr. Jerry Halik; a pioneering interventional neuro-radiologist, Dr. Grant Hieshima; a psychiatrist MD, Dr. Michael Franzblau; a leading PhD audiologist with a specialty in Tinnitus, Dr. Lorraine Vosu; medical instructors Dr. Sondra Becchetti and Dr. Michael Kessler, and many Tinnitus patients in the US, Canada and Europe.