Testimonial Letters

Dr. Jack Vernon, PhD (The ‘father’ of the field of tinnitus masking usng applied sound)
“I can unequivocally state that you have composed the best tinnitus masking sound with which I am experienced...In my opinion you have constructed a masking sound which is clearly different and more effective...Every time I come before you (Mike Petroff, inventor of Tinnitus Suppressor) indicating the various needs for effective masking I feel much like the student approaching the master.”
Jerry Halik, MD, Ear Surgeon
“I am an Otolaryngologist (ENT) medical doctor, surgeon and assistant professor at the University of Toronto. I’m pleased to have earned a reputation of being the leading ear surgeon in Canada. I am writing to express my enthusiastic endorsement of Audio Bionics DTM systems. In my opinion, DTM not only constitutes the most effective tinnitus suppression sound technology, but is the only practical and affordable FDA-cleared tinnitus therapy in the field.”
Dr. Lorraine Vosu, PhD, AuD
“As a doctor of Audiology with certifications in tinnitus retraining therapy, 40 years of experience in treating tinnitus patients, and the owner of three Audiology centers in Canada, I am highly enthusiastic about our results for the Audio Bionics Tinnitus Suppressor / DTM product. Virtually all of the tested patients experienced significant relief using the product. It is important to also note that the above positive results were consistent, notwithstanding that calibration to the tinnitus frequency was not required.”
Grant Hieshima, MD
“I am the Interventional Neuroradiologist who attended your lecture at UCLA. I personally developed tinnitus and hyperacusis in December of 2009. I have studied the related scientific literature and consulted with specialists in Neuro Otology, as well as multiple audiologists. I use the DTM sounds whenever my tinnitus intensity gets to an irritating level. The DTM sounds rapidly decrease the intensity of my tinnitus and I am able to go back to sleep quickly and easily. Thank you for making such a significant advance in the management of tinnitus.”
Dr. Michael Kessler
“I was exposed to a new technology called Audio Bionics, and I’m really excited about it. It’s something that’s really needed, and the reason I know this is because my wife, also a doctor, Doctor Becchetti, has a problem with tinnitus. We found it was very effective in helping her, and we want to expose this technology to our network of international doctors because of our great experience in reducing or eliminating her tinnitus.”
Dr. Sondra Becchetti
“We have used many things in our clinics over the years. I was introduced to Audio Bionics and found that it reduced or eliminated the constant high-pitched noise in my head for over a day and a half after using it for ten minutes. I think this is the way of the future, I know it is. We have a very huge network with many different types of health practitioners. My firsthand experience with Audio Bionics is a huge plus. We think that every practitioner will be excited about this. They’re going to be amazed.”
Michael Franzblau, MD
"I’ve had tinnitus for maybe thirty years, and for the first time in any time I can remember I could not hear it, period. I was hearing normally but I could not hear my tinnitus… I’m 79 years old, I’ll be 80 in June, and as I say I’ve had tinnitus since the early 80’s and it has always sounded like a kind of hissing in a somewhat high frequency. …I’m impressed by this system and I’m hoping to use it and recommend some of my patients to buy the system."
Bob Lentz
"This is the most relief I’ve been experiencing in six years and trust me I’ve tried everything. Well I just want to thank Mike Petroff for working on this because obviously you’ve got millions of people suffering from this, I really appreciate the work you guys are doing and I appreciate the relief that I experienced in the past few weeks, and I thank you for that.”
John Johnson
"I can sleep thru the night and hearing conversations in noisy places are much improved. I also have Meneires Disease which causes me balance issues, but at least I don't have 'the roar' to deal with as well. I am very hopeful that this is my answer to my tinnitus issues, it's been a month and I'm very pleased with the results. This is the only tangible relief I've had in all the years dealing with this problem. Thank You, Audio Bionics.”
Dr. Jong Sun (Medical doctor and severe tinnitus sufferer)
"It is the best so far among the rest of them. The background nature sound combined with DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) sound is another good improvement. This business must have cost your life, time and money with a lot of work and patience. Success to your wonderful work."
Dr. Daniel Sommer (clinical psychologist & tinnitus sufferer)
“I was happy to see that the DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) system is involved in a major study. It will lend tremendous credibility. I use the system every day when my tinnitus wakes me up earlier than desired. It helps me fall asleep again. When I stop a session with the system, the intensity of my tinnitus is reduced and is much more bearable.”
Paul Andrews
"I have suffered from bilateral tinnitus for over 6 months now. I have been to four ENTs, two audiologists, one neurologist and one psychiatrist. After seeing all these doctors and specialists, I still have my tinnitus. I was on sleeping pills plus anti-anxiety pills for over two months just to be able to get about five hours of sleep each night. It was a nightmare - we all know that. I tried sound machines, radios, noisy fans, nature sound CDs, an in-the-ear tinnitus masker and even an old and noisy aquarium pump. Although some of these helped a little, the help was very limited. Nothing seemed to work for me. After over 6 months of suffering from bilateral tinnitus, I finally have good news. Now I sleep well enough and I have been weaned out of the sleeping pills and am presently being weaned out of my anti-anxiety pills. Going over the pages of the Audio Bionics web site, I discovered that Mike Petroff is an experienced audio engineer who suffers from severe bilateral tinnitus since 1996. I figured that only a guy with tinnitus would have the knowledge to make a product that would work for tinnitus sufferers. It might sound funny to play DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) sounds the whole night as you sleep but it has certainly worked for me and I sleep well enough now with it, something all the above doctors, specialists and gadgets were unable to do. Furthermore, my fear of my tinnitus is gone, knowing that to get rid of it, temporarily anyway, all I have to do is play the DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) sounds. With this fear gone, the level of my tinnitus has also gone down. But most importantly, I have gotten my life back. I am becoming the happy person that I was before I got my tinnitus."
Paul Pedrazzi
"I have been a three-year sufferer of high-pitched tinnitus in both ears. The condition reached a climax about six months ago; at this time I could no longer achieve a good night’s sleep (despite the use of a ‘sound soother’ from the Sharper Image), and would always awake feeling slightly nauseated and dizzy with the condition continuing throughout the day. Throughout this progression I have consulted among the best doctors in the field. With failed treatments ranging from Ginkgo biloba to having tubes surgically implanted, these fine physicians have come up empty with respect to tinnitus. My initial reaction once I turned on the first DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) sound was one of utter amazement; I simply could not believe how low the volume level was while masking. I can vividly remember having to turn the player on and off again several times to make sure I still had tinnitus! With the DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) process, I no longer hear the ringing (unless I concentrate). For the first time I have been able to get through a day without Advil and I have even been known to attend a few movies (with earplugs, of course). Thanks again."
Barry Kurtz
"I have now tried all of the DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) sounds in your latest production, "Dynamic Tinnitus Mitigation" and wanted to express my thanks and congratulations for your efforts. I’ve had severe tinnitus for about 15 months. My particular kind is a high-pitched "eeeeee" sound that is always there and at times can be very debilitating. Up until now the tinnitus was always there and in control; I never expected to be able to get some relief when I wanted and desperately needed it. Now, I have the ability to say, "I’ve had it, and I think I’ll be tinnitus free for a while." I then get your DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) sounds to suit the situation, and I finally get some relief. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work. Only a severe tinnitus sufferer as myself can appreciate what you’ve done for us. I took your advice and got Radio Shack’s Pro 35 earphones to use with my portable player. Since getting the tinnitus I have not listened to music as much I used to. But with the help of your sounds I even enjoy music more. The sounds are superb and a credit to your work. I could not listen to the desk-top maskers as they would provide no relief at all. I’m listening to the DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) sounds as I’m now typing and find it very relaxing and enjoyable. Your product is unique in that you have a masker for just about every situation. Once again, thanks for your work to help tinnitus sufferers. Feel free to share this letter with others."
Kenneth R. Karan
"I am glad Dr. Jack Vernon suggested that I speak with you about my problem after discussing its aspects with him. Your DTM (Tinnitus Suppressor) sounds have been the only continuing ‘treatment’ that has been quick and definitively effective for me among the many that I have tried. I have seen three MD’s, one neurosurgeon, one neurologist, one TMJ dentist, one chiropractor, and one cranial-sacral person, without success. Use of many ‘new age’ and professional sleep tapes, and the purchase of an expensive sound snooze machine haven’t worked for me. I had been going with little sleep for ten months before you had sent me your product. I also feel it has helped me increase my physical strength and health as you need sleep to function."
Paul Jenn
"Just standing in front of the speakers, with minimum volume, I could not perceive my tinnitus!"
Shelly Herman
"The most advanced tinnitus suppression system and best results in the field."
Shalom Bochner
"Am totally deaf in left ear and have tinnitus in left ear, right ear is normal. Sound (tinnitus) was masked!"
Richard DeVicchio
"Very effective in masking my tinnitus by substituting a softer sound."
Carole Gentile
"It effectively masked my tinnitus and I could hear better."
Audrie E. Ashburnnam
"Very good quick result in stopping tinnitus."
Tim Nierhake
"Effectively blocks my tinnitus at low setting."
Erik Johnson
"Better than traditional masking."